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24 Hours Round the Clock

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24 Hours of Spokane
It was a great event – 165 teams, 46 solo men, 25 solo women. There was nearly 3,000 people camping in a giant tent city in the middle of a park in Spokane. The lap course was app 15 miles with about 800 ft of climbing, couple of technical ups and downs but mostly buffed out single and double track.
I rode 18 laps – 264 miles (425 km) to finish 2nd in 50+ and 6th overall on men solos
It was long and sometimes painful. Laps 1-4 I was definitely going too fast but it was hard not to get caught up in the team lappers. Lap 5,6, and especially 7 were bad cramp laps. Hit the sports supplements a bit too much in the first half and was really sick for a few hours. It’s hard to eat, drink, and race nonstop without getting out of balance. Basically only stopped for some quick food and water change between laps and had 2 - 10 minute breaks in the night. You cannot take in water as fast as you are losing it so that becomes a losing battle eventually with some pretty severe dehydration fatigue. Lap 11,12 dead lights for 50 mins each lap-charger issues. It went down to 4 degrees at 3:00AM so it was pretty cold. No crashes, no flats, no mechanicals, so that was cool. Still recovering and not sure quite what to think about Leavenworth race this Sat but we’ll see.

There was a kids race Sunday AM which son Jack (10yrs) won by so far that the kid in second place thought he won. There’s a pic of him in his DE kit.

Can’t wait for the guys coming down this weekend and also to see most of you guys for the TOM!

Good luck this weekend

Spokane Kid Pic