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Ore Crusher Race Report

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My 2 cents....

The Ore Crusher is the best race to start the season with no brutal climbs or technical decants. As a bonus the rain held off and the trails with buffed out nicely by the local crew.
It was a good showing by everyone and the first chance for most to test out the legs after a winter of road training.
As Matt said in his report, a rolling start and then single file till the double track where those with early energy could pass at will.
I just tried to settle in and warm-up for the first 1/2 hr until I caught up to Mike Wilson behind a slower rider. We made a pass but before the next tight bit but a guy pinched Mike off just going in to the trail so he hounded the guy a little to close causing Mike to miss judge a tree which he clipped at about 20 kph sending him flying in dramatic fashion.

With Mike out of the way and feeling charged I took off after whatever the trail offered and quickly caught up to a Steed Cycles elite rider, then we bridged up to a 35-39 cat guy and we spent the entire race just taking turns showing each other the best lines and sharing in the effort of a fantastic course.

My strength seemed to be on the climbs as I had to really work to stay close in the bumpy trails mainly due to running too much psi in my tubes (32). Next race it's back to tubeless and 28 psi.
In 23rd overall and 2nd behind my arch nemesis Ted Russo (who also moved up to the 50-55 cat) I felt it was better than expected as I didn't rest prior and just wanted finish without bonking.
Oh yeah, Love the new Element, next we'll see how it works on the steeps of Pemberton.
Keep spinning,
Sheldon O