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Daryl Evans working for a greener future.

Innovation has been a key aspect of our business since its inception. Whether it’s reducing energy consumption, implementing more rigorous standards of conservation or simply responding to opportunities to synergize and streamline, Daryl-Evans aspires to corporate responsibility into a sustainable future.

At Daryl-Evans we don’t believe in standing still. We’re always striving to discover the possibilities beyond the obvious. We approach all new challenges with fresh eyes, looking for creative solutions and progressive technologies.

Daryl Evans Mechanical Services promotes and installs green-initiative products such as energy monitoring systems that provide real time resource consumption tracking (electricity, gas and water) – improving operating efficiencies and saving building operators 5-25% on their energy bills.

We also promote and install the technology behind the GohBIOTM system which, within 24 hours, can safely digest up to 1500lbs of virtually all food waste and convert it into city approved drain water. This reduces truck pickups, lowers costs, gets methane producing food waste out of landfill sites and takes garbage trucks off the road. GohBIOTM food waste to water technology exclusively distributed in Canada by Greentail Environmental Inc.