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"Troubleshooting and Consulting Experts"

Serving you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


24 Hour Emergency Services & Licenced and Experienced Technicians

Lower mainland 24/7 Service Line: 604.525.3592

Okanagan 24/7 Service Line: 778.380.0880

Daryl-Evans is a well-respected contractor operating for the past 30 years in the BC Construction Industry. We offer expertise in construction, service work, and HVAC maintenance - contact us and experience a proactive approach driven by the "Daryl-Evans Standard" of quality workmanship and exceptional service.


Full Mechanical Expertise - "we do it all"

HVAC - Service, Repairs, Maintenance and Replacements for all roof-top, air handling equipment and all related systems and controls.

• Heating, Ventilation/Exhaust Fans, AC - "Indoor Air-Quality" specialists

• Refrigeration - Walk-in Coolers

• Air Balancing and indoor air quality

• Regular scheduled HVAC Maintenance Programs

Boiler Specialists - Service, Repairs, Maintenance and Replacements for all Domestic, Hydronic and Steam Boilers, related equipment, systems and controls.   

• Pumps and Pump Laser Alignment

• Regular scheduled Boiler Maintenance Programs

Plumbing - Basic repairs, Design-builds and complete re-piping

Back Flow Devices - Installations, Annual Testing and Certifications

Drains - Auguring, Jetting, Repairs and Replacements

• Sump Pumps and Lift Stations - Repairs, Maintenance and Replacements

• Video Inspections and Line Locating - Troubleshooting drain and sewer lines

• Regular scheduled Drain Maintenance Programs

• Mechanical Maintenance Shutdowns


Gas - Gas leaks, appliance piping, and repairs

• Medical Gas

Compressed Air Systems and Process Piping Systems


Construction & Special Projects - New Construction & Existing System Retrofits


"Let our Construction Group put together a quote for your next project"

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